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This June at the Oakroom Restaurant of Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center at the Ortigas Center the Italian Wine and Food Festival will take the center stage following the success of the World Hamburger promotion.  

The Italian Wine and Food Festival will be collaborated with Ruffino, a fine wine producer, which was founded at the heart of Tuscany in Italy in 1877.  With its long history, Ruffino is a living symbol of the quality progress which the entire Italian wine sector has undertaken through the twentieth century.  Ruffino’s production philosophy is based on two leading concepts: the quality of its wines and the expression of the territories where these wines are produced. With the desire to bring the best quality the Tuscan territory has to offer to wine lovers all over the world, Ruffino has contributed significantly to the creation of the fine image, which Italian winemaking presently holds in the international wine scene.

Chianti Ruffino, followed by Riserva Ducale, was one of the very first wines to cross the Italian border and introduced Italian wines to the world. Present in over 85 countries covering five continents, the brand is an international leader of great wines that has the “Made in Italy” mark.

Oakwood Premier General Manager Brian Connelly says, “We are thrilled to highlight one of the world’s best-loved food and wines in Oakroom. The brand Ruffino is equated with prestige -- a reflection of the family’s distinct heritage.  We would like Oakroom diners to experience the pleasure of drinking Ruffino as they reached the milestone that inspired them to look back on their century-long history with pride and sentiment and to engage the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and energy.

Complementing the wines is exquisite Italian fare created by Oakwood Premier’s Executive Chef Jerome Cartailler, including Carpaccio Di Salmone (Thinly sliced fresh salmon Carpaccio, marinated in a lemon and orange vinaigrette), Scaloppini di Agnelo Con Porcini (Lamb Tenderloin Scaloppini, Porcini mushrooms in a Barolo-port wine reduction sauce and Fried polenta), and Lemoncello and Raspberry Semi Freddo (Semi frozen lemon liquor and raspberry parfait).

For details and reservations, please call the Oakroom direct line at 719 1160.Oakroom is on the 6th level of Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila, located at 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.