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Oakroom invites you to take a trip around the world with pizza flavors featuring the distinct flavors of different countries.

Oakroom launched its World of Pizzas food festival this August and we hope that they do it again. Oakroom presented 8 different pizzas from their menu, each pizza representing a country or city with its unique flavors and culinary culture. Crowd favorite is the Manila pizza – its flavors blended together to charm the Pinoy tastebuds in everyone. One that also became a favorite is the Scandinavian because of the fresh taste of salmon that can bring one closer to the seas. If you’re a health buff, this is a good choice for its load of fish than the usual meaty pizzas. The flavors are far from the pizzas that we usually have from popular pizza places. A trip to Oakroom’s World of Pizzas is surely a must-try.

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Light tomato, tofu, crisp Asian vegetables, chicken Kung Pao nuggets, cashew and garlic chili sauce

Pulled pork and chicken adobo, longanisa sausage, roasted garlic, pork cracklings and “kesong puti” cheese

Sour creanm Gravlax, smoked salmon and chopped dill

Tomato, spicy BBQ pulled pork, pepperoni, mushrooms, red onions, cheddar and extra mozzarella

New York
Tomato, boneless chicken wings, crumble blue cheese, mozzarella and topped with crisp celery

Spinach, béchamel, ground lamb, kalamata olives and feta

Onion, fresh cream, bacon and camembert

Delectable Dessert
Mini mascarpone and strawberry pizza
Dulce de leche ice cream

El Paso Blanco
El Paso Rojo
Meridiana Bianco
Meridiana Rosso

This August, Chef Jerome Cartailler and his team re-create the pizza with the freshest ingredients from select countries and regions. Their creative endeavors yield interesting pizza flavors like Manila Pizza topped with longganiza, pulled pork and chicken adobo, pork cracklings (chicharon) and kesong puti. The Mandarin Pizza is filled with light tomato, tofu, crisp Asian vegetables, chicken Kung Pao nuggets, cashew and garlic chili sauce. While Feta cheese, spinach, béchamel, ground lamb, and kalamata olives dominate the Greek Pizza; ground beef, jalapenos, chorizo, cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole on a flour tortilla make up the Mexican Pizza.

Even the classic New York Pizza takes on a new twist with crumble blue cheese and mozzarella topped with crisp celery, tomatoes, and boneless chicken wings.

Pizza for dessert? A must try is the Mini Mascarpone and Strawberry Pizza.

General Manager Brian Connelly invites everyone to savor these fascinating pizza flavors. “We turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Enjoyable food can be made even more pleasurable at the Oakroom. For the month of August, we are happy to present food lovers with exceptional pizza flavors that combine the finest ingredients and garnishing distinct to a country. To make it even more interesting, Janissa Business Ventures recommends wine pairings at special rates with every order of pizza. Dining at the Oakroom is definitely the ultimate dining experience.”

Savor these and other interesting pizza flavors at Oakroom Restaurant, 6th floor of Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila, Ortigas from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM only from August 8 to the 28th. For more information and reservations, please call extensions 8503 or 8604 at (63 2)637-7888.


General Manager Brian Connelly states, “We have endeavored to provide a total solution for short or long term living arrangements. The modern lifestyle requires that we offer a multi-faceted product that becomes one’s “home away from home” and “office away from work” so that our clients can switch from their own environment to ours with minimal disruption.”           

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila truly offers the ultimate experience in modern serviced living. Other facilities include The Oakroom international restaurant and bar, private dining, indoor swimming/lap pool with Jacuzzi, fitness center, business center with videoconferencing facilities, banquet and conference space, and wi-fi in public areas.