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Indulge and be prepared for the Figaro’s newest gourmet dishes that will definitely meet everyone’s finest expectations on contemporary fare. This Gourmet Feast will run starting August 8 in selected branches and will be available in all branches on August 23, 2011. Figaro Coffee Company aspires to cater individuals with refined and distinguished likes on foods and to give them the best special dishes prepared with sophistication.

Devour with Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – crispy asparagus wrapped tightly in thinly sliced bacon and drizzled with rich teriyaki sauce. Serving comes with buttered vegetables, featured pastry of the month and choice of steam rice or French Baguette slices. This sweetie-crunchy specialty would definitely kick you to be in love with veggies and to have a little break on becoming carnivore.

Another added on Figaro’s list is the Pork Salpicao – everyone can enjoy pork cutlets bathed with salpicao sauce and crunchy garlic bits. The tenderness of the pork and its tanginess comes along with the sauce is definitely to feast on together with Tuna Macaroni Salad. Added on the plate are the luscious pastry and your choice of steamed rice or French Baguette.

Replenishing your body with oceanic dish is the Figaro’s Fish Steak – slice of Tuna or Tanigue wholly marinated with special essence and pan – fried to perfection. Every bite of this fish meat is indeed appetizing and tasted fresh. The plate is also garnished with delectable buttered corn and carrots, steamed rice or French Baguette or any featured pastry of the month like the Oatmeal Choco Chewy.

Every dish comes with refreshing cup of iced coffee at Figaro.