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Pasta, pizza and delectable desserts – all were enjoyed by the OpenRicers and bloggers as they met once again in the OpenRice Eat’s a Date mini-eyeball event at Amici, Greenhills San Juan.

In its early years, Amici restaurant took off because of its 2 secrets: great food and charm brought by common people getting together to eat, share tables and tell stories of their everyday lives. Last November 17, Amici did it again for the 9 OpenRicers and food bloggers who attended the event. Amici served their irresistible offers while the participants sat on a long table, shared hand shakes, greetings and stories of life in and out of being food bloggers.

The 9 participants were OpenRicers, yaniyoh, jessicajadesantos and rovable. Bloggers at the event were Lariza Tangalin (http://momsworldofartsandhappiness.blogspot.com), Aisa Ipac (http://ipaxme.blogspot.com), Ana Gonzales (http://anagonzales.com), Marie Lim (http://ohsnaaps.me), Fehdz Aquino (http://noobfoodie.com) and Mike Mamaril (http://mikemamaril.com).

They dived in Amici’s feast on the table and each had their own favorites. The best-seller among the participants was probably the light and healthy Ravioli di Pesce Mousseline. While the foodies ate, they savored every flavor and shared their personal takes on the dishes served. The lunch promptly ended with luscious desserts and the participants left with full and satisfied tummies.

Visit Amici and try their delicious specialties. And when you have, don’t forget to write them a review!

‘Till the next event – hope to see you there!