If there's anything Filipinos look forward to during the holidays, it's eating delicious Christmas food with their friends and family. This year, give your loved ones a festive modern Filipino treat with Sentro 1771's holiday take-out. These dishes will allow any host to enjoy the holidays with ease and elegance.

Arroz a la Valenciana is a Filipino-style paella - rice cooked with coconut milk, turmeric, pork, chicken and bell peppers. The soft, risotto-like texture of the rice together with the flavors of chorizo, turmeric and bell peppers are sure to warm both the heart and stomach. The regular version is good for 10 persons at P950, while the large version is good for 15 persons are P1450.

The traditional Christmas lengua is given a new twist with Sentro 1771's Sauteed Lengua with Mushrooms Salpicao. The tender-to-the-bite ox tongue is lightly fried in olive oil and topped with seasoned mushrooms,

the flavorful sauce giving it the distinct taste of salpicao. This dish serves 10 persons at P2,200 or 15 persons at P3,300. The environmentally conscious can save P50 on their orders when they bring their own container.

Why serve the usual bibingka or leche flan when you can surprise your guests with a Keso Flan? Good for 6-8 persons, this famous Filipino cheesecake looks like leche flan, feels like cheesecake and tastes like bibingka when eaten together with salted egg and queso de bola. This best-selling dessert is good for 10 persons at P510.

Simply order these dishes 2 days in advance for an affordable, stress-free celebration from Sentro 1771 and make your Christmas feast the best ever.

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