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"Food is great. The place was beautiful…" - Angel Blair
"At Casa Verde, dine like a king yet spend like a peasant." - myhappyrealm
"A must-try food experience you should not miss when you are in Cebu…" - Joanner
When me and my husband went to Cebu last year, our first meal there was at the Harbour City restaurant in Ayala Center. That was actually my first time to eat here and I (and hu...More
It was our 2nd anniversary when we stayed at the Be Resorts Mactan. The place is small but really really nice. Since there are no nearby restaurants around the area, our only choic...More
My cousin had just come from Cebu and gave us a pack of the famous Zubu Lechon chicharon. I joked that I wanted a whole roasted pig as pasalubong but this was okay =) The chicharon...More
OpenRice Editorial
Every February 14, most people around the world would certainly celebrate Valentine's Day. Before w...  read more  
The Love Month has just begun and in a few days Valentines Day shall come. This is a special day for...  read more  
On November 20, 2013, OpenRice Philippines held its Eat's a Date food tasting event in Chef Arnold's...  read more  
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