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Approx. Php200 (Dinner)
MAR 11

Every Saturday, my family always have dinner outside after attending anticipated mass in the city. Since before, we ended up to a particular dining place which we are already used to have dinner, however, this time was different after we resorted to a different restaurant that was new to our taste. So we chose The Port Seafood Restaurant.

This is our first time to eat in this restaurant and of all eat-all-you-can restaurants we have dined in, this is worth the money and tummy. Eat all you can restaurants are sometimes our dining preference when there is a celebration. Located at Waterfront Hotel and Casino, it is somewhat far from our home, though it's worth the travel.

Dinner buffet style with variety of seafoods and meat such as pork sisig, siomai, shanghai, tacos and a lot more were as hot and fresh . Variety of dishes were place on the buffet table which I think almost 25 different dishes. One thing that fascinated was the bone free sizzling bangus which we ate up to the last piece of it. The taste was very good and the environment was very clean. Waiters were very accommodating and they really attend the needs of their customers. They refilled our ice tea at once when they saw it coming almost empty. Nevertheless, our dining experience together with my family was very comfortable.

After then, we headed towards Asia Town IT Park at past 10PM which is just few meters away from the vicinity where we stroll around a bit.

The Port

The Port - Port Seafood Restaurant in Lahug )
The Port

Sizzling Bangus

Sizzling Bangus - Port Seafood Restaurant in Lahug )
Sizzling Bangus
Port Seafood Restaurant's photo in Lahug )
Port Seafood Restaurant's photo in Lahug )
Ok din ang restaurant na ito! Maganda ang venue pero may kamahalan. Php300.00 ang eat all you can kumpara sa ibang restaurant na may kaparehong tema din dito sa Cebu. Napaka-sosyal din ng ...
Let's just say, I've been to Waterfront Hotel in Lahug several times - AdCongress, and The ASEAN Business. But I've never set foot on The Port. I believe it's fate whe...